Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 91: New Restaurant Review!

I met up with my friends Emily and Tzip to check out the new NY Lunchbox on 36th street. They just opened this week, and the menu looks good so I was eager to try it. As I mentioned earlier, they have sandwich, sushi, soup, and salad options plus a hot buffet where you pay by the pound. I had to try the butternut squash sweet potato soup, so I ordered that, and then took some food from the buffet. I may have overdone it a bit and I ended up spending a little more than I would have liked, but I think that was my own fault at the buffet. The problem is that once you load up your plate and bring it over to be weighed, you aren’t going to go back and take off a spoonful of pasta if your plate was too heavy. You are kinda just stuck with it. So you really need to learn how to gauge the amounts. Anyway, my meal came with a free drink which was a nice bonus. There is a nice size seating area upstairs in the back and we had no trouble getting a nice sized table. The soup was absolutely delicious. It is more squashy tasting than sweet potato-y. The portion was huge. I couldn’t even finish it, combined with all my other food. I ate about half the soup, and then turned to my hot buffet food. I tried the penna ala vodka, which was OK but not amazing, and the fettuccine Alfredo (I think!) which was really really good. Definitely the better of the two pastas. I also tasted the sweet potato slices, which were also tasty, but nothing special. My last buffet item was the mushroom zucchini mini quiche. Emily really liked this and thought it had a lot of flavor. I thought it was OK. I prefer a cheesier quiche, but it was definitely not bad. I would definitely come back here, especially for the soup. The only problem is that they have a 25.00 minimum for delivery to my office, which means I won’t be ordering in from them once it gets too cold to walk over, which is too bad because its those days when that soup would really be perfect.

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