Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 99: MEETUP and Special Announcement

On Thursday, I headed over to J2 with my coworker Jen to greet the rest of the MeetUp crew. Thanks to all of you who came out! It was fun to eat with all of you guys. I really love that J2 has the open buffet with so many awesome options. I had some mac and cheese, some baked ziti, really good roasted green beans, a small piece of fish, a little bit of Cesar salad, roasted cauliflower, and one perfect strawberry for dessert. I really need to learn how to take less food from these things. But everything tasted good and it made me wonder why I dont eat there more often.

At the meetup, I made a special announcement - Day 100 will be the last day of this blog.


  1. why are you stopping the blog?? I love hearing your updates :)

  2. Oh no!!! Please continue. I need to hear about your RH lunches.


    keep it going! I love this blog. What will i read when things are slow?

    And such short warning. You just ruined my shabbos, thanks.


  4. Will you at least continue yelping?