Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 96: Meat and a MEETUP

After a stunningly beautiful bike ride from Fisherman's Wharf up and over the Golden Gate Bridge with the sun blazing (note my very very sunburnt arms and face), we rode over to the Vista Point to get a view of the bay, the skyline and the bridge - and to find someplace where we could sit and eat. There were no picnic tables so we ducked undearneath a railing to sit on a little stone wall. Kids walked by and stared like we were in prison, sitting behind bars. I pulled out a package of freezer packed deli that I had been carrying around for 2 days (but refrigerated overnight) and made myself a sandwich of challah slices, pastrami, salami and ketchup. After the long bike ride and other days activities, I was starving and therefore I pretty much devoured the sandwich and tried not to think about whether the meat was spoiled or not. It may have tasted a little funky but it might have been in my head. After we ate, we finished the ride down into Sausalito, at which point I REALLY wanted ice cream but I did not have any.

REMINDER: MEETUP on Thursday at, lets say, 12:30. Place - Jerusalem 2 on Bdwy and 37th unless people have other suggestions / requests.

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  1. Always have dairy while biking. You never know when you'll pass that ice cream store you want to stop at.