Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 68: Filter Fish

Visiting my parents over the weekend always means one thing: free leftovers. We had tons of food in the house and my mom packed me up with a goodie bag before I returned to the city. Today, I brought some gefilte fish to work. It was already sliced and cut into quarters because that is how my mother served it on Saturday. I really like gefilte fish - it is one of my favorite traditional Jewish foods. I know that it's considered to be a weird food by a lot of people. I once saw someone forced to eat gefilte fish as a challenge on a reality TV show, along with other cultural delicacies like cow stomach. Then again, my friend Joyce told me that there is a similar fried fish ball dish in the Chinese culture, so I guess its not only a Jewish thing. After the fish I ate strawberries and watermelon (leftover from yesterday's BBQ).


  1. Rebecca,

    This lunch of yours that you ate today means 2 things:

    1) It is officially the first time I need to disapprove of your lunch.
    2) There is no way its ever going to work out between us.

  2. Hey! Are you denigrating my gefilte fish?

    (Rebecca's Mom)

  3. I think he denigrated your fish AND your daughter. Hi Mom!

  4. fish and chips. This is brilliant! This is exactly what they ate in that tennis movie "match point"