Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 74: Bagelicious

After leaving the JCorps event at an Upper West Side old age home, I started walking South to pick up something to eat. I headed over to Bagels and Co, where, surprisingly, I did not see anyone I know. I picked up a whole wheat bagel with lettuce and tuna and took it to go. I then headed towards Central Park, stopping in at the Museum of National History to say hi to my parents, who were there for a tour. I continued on to the Sheep Meadow lawn where I met up with my friend Clare and some of her other friends. There, I sat in the heat, under a big leafy tree, and ate my bagel. I like Bagels and Co because the bagels are large and doughy and they always include a lot of tuna. They are my bagel place of choice on the Upper West Side. Lunch gave me energy for an afternoon of frisbee, badminton, football and One Up One Down.

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