Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 78: Grease on Wheels

I had a chance to go back over to my Kosher Street Food stand, Sub on Wheels. The special day was chulent and kishke (doesn’t get more Jewish cuisine-y than that), but I passed and ordered a Philly steak sandwich with lettuce and pickles, no tomatoes. A few minutes and eight dollars later, I was headed back to my office with a piping hot sandwich. I was definitely hungry at this point. At my desk, I opened up the wrapping to find meat and veges overflowing out of the bread. It was definitely a packed sandwich. And I pretty much inhaled it. It tasted OK but wasn’t amazing. The bread was soft this time, but it was soaked in grease from the meat. The whole thing was really oily. The meat was good but not super flavorful. This place seems to serve up your really basic, heimish greasemeat but I’m not sure I’ll be returning all that frequently.


  1. Do they offer chulent and kishke on a sub? That's a scary thought.

  2. I heard there was a kosher cart in the city and have been wanting to try it. Where is it located?

  3. I dont think the chulent came on a sandwich though that sounds kind of awesome.

    The truck is located on 9th avenue between 32nd and 33rd streets.