Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 71: Soup of the Day

I need to start with a couple of disclaimers. 1 - I rarely like new foods the first time I try them. 2 - I don't really like cold soups. With that said - I decided to order soup from Circa for lunch when I noticed that Thursday's specials included both my favorite soup - sweet potato - and the one I've been curious to try - cantaloupe. Circa's manager had graciously offered to let me try the cantaloupe soup for free so I called them up and ordered them both. The first thing I noticed when the delivery came was that half the bag was half hot and half cold. I should have guessed that the cantaloupe soup would be a chilled soup, but it hadn't occurred to me, and this already made me nervous. First I ate the sweet potato soup, while it was nice and hot. It wasn't the best Circa's ever made, but it was pretty good. The bread dipped inside is particularly delicious. I then opened up the Cantaloupe soup. It was a thick, chunky soup, with some sort of green leafy spice floating around. I cautiously took a spoonful and ate it. It basically tasted like smooshed cantaloupe with a weird spicy afterkick. I did not particularly enjoy that taste. I think my initial reaction was "ew". But, I gave some to one of my coworkers, Kiefer, and she thought it was OK though she did not particularly want to keep eating it. So maybe it's just me, but I think that regular cantaloupe is really good and I would much prefer to eat the melon straight up than the soup.

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