Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 77: Bag o' Pasta

Joyce, Clare and I popped over to a handbag sample sale during lunch today. My friend Abie used to work at the handbag company so he gave me the scoop on the sale. (It's still going on, in case anyone is interested). We browsed for a bit but ultimately did not buy anything. We passed Circa on the way back so I stopped in to pick up lunch. I ordered the whole wheat penne ala vodka. The sauce had chunks of tomatoes in it for the first time. I don't like tomatoes so I did not appreciate this addition and had to eat around them. Otherwise, the pasta was really tasty and filling. I think that I would be remiss to mention Abie and Circa in the same post and not direct my readers to this fabulous clip wherein Abie sings a medley about his love for pizza, Circa broccoli soup and Sabrina the Teenage Witch :

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