Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day 87: BC 06 Lunch

I had a couple of college friends staying with me for the weekend, so I invited some of our other mutual friends to come over for lunch. We ate a delicious meal of breaded chicken, asparagus, popcorn cauliflower, sesame noodles, salad, and spinach kugel. I thought the sesame noodles that my friend Rebecca made were particularly delicious, though everything was really good. We ate Deena cake for dessert, along with chocolate peanut butter cookies that Michelle made, and some fruit. In the spirit of college, we spent a lot of time during lunch reading some textbooks that I had lying around. We also talked about the upcoming Komen Race For The Cure, in which many of us are participating in order to support breast cancer research, prevention and treatment. You can donate here (just search for the person you want to support). Lunch was a lot of fun and I am almost done washing dishes.

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  1. There was also a delicious salad which was made in the hallway while your guests waited for your return.