Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 73:Oscar Meyer Weiner

My friend Elie invited me to join him for lunch at his friend Rachel's. Rachel is new to the neighborhood and is a welcome addition because she cooked up a pretty awesome lunch for us and some other friends including Arielle, Josh and Marc. I had challah and dips, salad, cous-cous salad, brocoli kugel, squash kugel, chicken, and chulent. I particularly enjoyed the squash kugel which I have not had in a while. I brought dessert - chocolate rugelach, mixed berry sorbet, and strawberries (there were also grapes). We spent a lot of time talking about funny names. Rachel and Arielle told us about patients who name their babies heaven (heaven backwards) and lotion. I told everyone how my brother wants all of my siblings to name our babies after awards shows, like Emmy, Tony Grammy, and Oscar. Elie said that we should get married so we could have a baby Oscar Meyer Weiner. I declined.


  1. Would you reconsider if I told you I made that squash kugel?

  2. Isn't Heaven backwards Neveah?