Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 11: Egg and Cheese on a Bagel

I joined a couple of friends for a quick brunch this morning before they headed off to the library. We went to Lake Como Pizza and all ordered eggs and cheese on a bagel with slight variations. I had mine on a whole wheat bagel, which ended up being a flatter bagel than most of the other bagel choices. I tend to like large fluffy bagels, but this one wasn't terrible. The cheese was not really evenly melted in throughout the eggs, which meant that there was a big glob of cheese oozing out one side of the sandwich. All in all, not the best egg and cheese I've ever had in general, or even ever had at Lake Como Pizza. But I love the low price, and we had the whole restaurant to ourselves, so all in all it was a pretty decent meal.


  1. Ok I have to say at first I thought this blog was ridiculous then a little cute but now I'm back to ridiculous again. As I see it you have two options:

    1. You actually think people care about what you eat for lunch every day, in which case you are a crazed megalomaniac.

    2. You are writing this blog "ironically". Dude, irony is dead. The hipsters are moving out of Brooklyn and going back to their parents four bedroom homes in the summer.

    In either case, this blog is pointless, and should be stopped.

  2. I think Bezalelstern should stop reading this blog everyday and stop making comments like "You actually think people care about what you eat for lunch every day". Rebecca is out to entertain us, and many of us actually do find it entertaining.

    As I see it YOU have two options:

    1) Just stop reading her blog every day and I think that will solve your problem of it bothering you so much for some weird reason.

    2) Your comments are annoying, so stop reading this blog every day and making annoying comments.

  3. Shlomo B

    Why so serious? Is my comments hurting your feelings?

    Want to get drinks????

  4. Bezalelstern should eat Shlomo B. for lunch. And while doing so he should call out, "You've been What Rebecca Ate For Lunch Today'd!"

  5. love this blog!
    -leah g.

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