Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 22: Readers' Choice, Take One

Today I let my readers decide what I would be eating for lunch. There was a clear preference (over 50% of the votes) for the “Chicken soup and a burger from KD” option. Second place went to Tasti Delite, with Yummy Sandwiches and Circa Soup tying for least favored option. Thanks to those who voted! I went on to to order the KD lunch and discovered that the Dougies BBQ in midtown has closed! All of my saved favorite orders from there are grayed out and pathetic looking on my screen. Sadness. They made really good sweet potato chips. Anyway, I always order my burger exactly the way I want it (yes pickles, no tomatoes, ketchup on the side) but I usually order my soup without any special instructions. I decided to get more specific this time, so I asked for lots of chicken and noodles and wrote that I do not like carrots. The delivery from KD arrived in about 20 minutes which was really impressive (good job KD!). I was eager to see how they had prepared my soup, and shockingly, there were NO carrots, a nice amount of noodles, and seemingly an entire chicken in the container. The big chicken chunks were hard to eat with a plastic spoon, but I appreciated that they had listened to my preferences. Despite this, the soup itself was kind of bland. I dumped in some of the accompanying Chow Mein noodles which added some much needed saltiness to the soup, and then found it fairly decent tasting. It was also really filling due to all the extra chicken inside. I then turned to my burger (yes pickles, no tomatoes, ketchup on the side), put the ketchup on the burger (2 packets, on top), ate and enjoyed. Now I am stuffed. Good choice, readers.

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  1. Subscribe to (I'm shocked that you don't!) then you would have known that Dougie's Midtown closed.