Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 19: Hungry Eyes

I like to eat lunch as late as possible in the day, because I usually eat a late dinner and I don’t want to get too hungry in between meals. My rule is that I can’t eat lunch before noon, and I usually try to eat closer to 1 PM or later. Today, I found myself counting the minutes until twelve. I woke up very early this morning (4 AM!) in order to catch a flight back to NY in time for work, so I have been awake for about an extra 4 hours today, which I would guess greatly impacted my hunger level. I scarfed down a tuna fish sandwich (Bumblebee albacore tuna packet and Zaidies whole wheat challah roll) at twelve noon on the dot. It tasted alright, but I was still hungry afterwards, making for a very hungry afternoon. (Note: Word Spellcheck is saying that ‘scarfed’ is not a word. Urbandictionary says otherwise. I hold by urbandictionary - ).


  1. Are you an aspiring Pastarazzi?

  2. You know you can have a mid-afternoon snack, right? You should eat something more than a tuna sandwich. Have some carrots or nuts or applesauce.