Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 26: Picnic Lunch

We had a celebratory meeting at around lunchtime today in honor of my coworker Marisa being awesome. Afterwards, I went down to the basement with my coworker Jen to look for sandwiches in Penn Station. Upon checking out the Yummy selection, I had two choices – Caesar chicken wrap, or something called a Picnic chicken wrap (is that a real thing?). After a major fumble where I clumsily dropped the wraps and they slid back into the display case, I opted for the new and unknown – the Picnic chicken. The wrap consisted of little chicken pieces in a lemony sauce with onions and seasoning, with cabbage lettuce in a tomato paste flour tortilla wrap. After the first bite, I noticed right away that the chicken was very wet. And not in the good, moist, ‘this chicken is not dry’ kinda way. The wrap itself was not wet, but the chicken was almost soggy. And the flavor was mostly bland. The bites with onion were a bit tastier. Overall, I was not a fan of this wrap, but at least it was filling so I was not still hungry afterwards.