Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 17: Pot-Luck Birthday

Today I attended a pot-luck Birthday lunch celebration for my friend Daniella. It was hosted by a friend of hers, Lauren, in her apartment on the Upper West Side. I ate pretzel crusted chicken, meatballs and cous-cous with mushrooms, popcorn cauliflower, and rice with craisins and mushrooms. My contribution was the rice. People usually seem to like it but I think I added too many craisins - it was not my best effort. The rest of the food was delicious. I am generally a big fan of meatballs so I particularly enjoyed those. The pretzel crusted chicken was also a nice addition. The crushed pretzels create a really interesting texture and crunch that is fun to eat. For dessert I had chocolate rugelach (, which taste particularly delicious when wearing a pointy birthday hat.


  1. What a terrific blog this is. I am so glad that Danny brought it to my attention.

    Stylistic/Grammatical errors:

    (1) "I am generally a big fan of meatballs so I particularly enjoyed those." A comma should follow "meatballs." However, the sentence is fairly short, so perhaps your choice can be defended.

    (2) No excuse, however, can be advanced for the "particularly delicious" chocolate rugelach. You've already used "particularly" and "delicious" in close proximity. In such a brief paragraph, re-using key adjectives and adverbs seems plain lazy and lazy. See what I mean? "Lazy and unimaginative" sounds much better.

    (3)I have never tasted chocolate rugelach that were wearing a pointy birthday hat, but I'm guessing that such rugelach would taste awful. I'm also guessing that you intended to write that YOU were wearing a birthday hat while eating the rugelach (that were not wearing a birthday hat).

    Thanks so much for the English exercise! I look forward to the next installment.


  2. That's what I get for posting so quickly before running off to Canada. Thanks for keeping me in line, Kraut.