Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 21: Even MORE famous lunch!

Today I went to Tasti Delite for lunch with my friend Emily. I tasted three flavors and rejected Tasti Musketeers (something with chocolate in it but vanilla based) and Chocolate Pudding (a lighter chocolate, with Caramel – thanks to Isabelle at the Tasti counter for explaining that to me!) before settling on Dutch Chocolate (a darker, richer chocolate). I am a big fan of the Dutch Chocolate flavor. Emily and I sat and ate our lunches outside in Herald Square, where they recently closed off traffic to create a pedestrian space. We were enjoying a lovely conversation until it started to rain and we each ran back to our respective offices. While waiting in the lobby, I spotted Dina from the Real Housewives of New Jersey (with her friend Paige, from the first episode)! We took the same elevator upstairs and discussed how some people don’t understand that the show is a warped perception of reality. Apparently she has gotten a lot of nasty not-fan mail! For more information on my lunch time celebrity sighting, email me at Feel free to leave your own (lunchtime) celeb sighting stories in the comments!

Readers, check back tomorrow for a special Reader’s Choice Edition: What SHOULD Rebecca eat for lunch today?


  1. maybe if she didnt portray herself as such a biznatch we wouldnt have a perception of her being one... :)

    just tasti for lunch!?! your gonna be starving!

  2. I had Dutch Chocolate for lunch too! Mine was a medium, with chocolate crunchies on the bottom and top. Definitely a good choice.