Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 12: Leftovers

Some people think leftovers is a dirty word, but when leftovers means half of a Chickies sandwich, it can be the culinary highlight of my week. Today for lunch I finished a previously purchased Ian BeatBox chicken sandwich, drenched in both sweet honey BBQ sauce and Kumbaslow sauce, complete with pickles on a whole wheat roll. This sandwich was not freshly made, and some might complain that the sauce makes the bread a little soggy. However, since the bread is rather thick, I enjoy eating it soaked with sauce, and there is still enough crispness to hold the sandwich together. While eating at my desk, my coworker, Sarah, looked over and told me that my sandwich looked delicious, and that she is inspired to now try Chickies the next time she is in Teaneck. Don't forget to hattip the blog, Sarah.


  1. 1) I admire your lack of mid-day fleishaphobia. You are a role model for us all.
    2) I've only had Chickie's once and I did not think it was very good....Just saying.

  2. I think we all know what I am thinking here.