Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 30: Lunch on a mountaintop

Lunch never tastes as good as it does when you eat it after climbing 2500 feet to the top of a mountain, especially the day after a rainfall that left a set of challenges including mud pits, slippery rocks, and waterfalls on the trail. I was instructed by Shlomo, one of my hiking mates and frequent commenters, that I HAD to bring two sandwiches on the hike. So when we got to the top I started in on my chunk light tuna and whole wheat bagel sandwich. I had an unexpected treat when I discovered mayo in the cafeteria at the mountain top. However, I added too much mayo to the tuna which was a little bit unfortunate. Overly mayoed tuna is pretty gross. But when eating in a cloud at 4300 feet, anything tastes good. Next, I ate my second sandwich which was three slices of American cheese on whole wheat sliced bread. This sandwich was particularly delicious because it was perfectly smooshed from being in my backpack all day. I finished off lunch with some Hershey Kisses, which are great energy boosters when hiking.

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