Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 35: Dairy Debate

It finally stopped raining in NYC so I have been venturing out of the office for lunch more often. Today I met my favorite Early Childhood Educator (and my roommate), Mor, for lunch. We first walked over to Circa to check out the soup selection. Still no sighting of my favorite soup. I decided to talk to the manager about this, and he assured me that they would serve my soup of choice on Monday. We'll see . . . He also had me taste the eggplant soup which was not terrible but I think it was tomato based and I don't usually go for tomato-y foods. Mor and I then went to Rosas to check out the menu over there. The selection was not bad but we decided to go back to Circa, where we split a whole wheat personal pizza (her half with veges, mine with light sauce). The pizza was particularly awesome today. Good job, Circa. I also ate a side order of roasted sweet potato. I wondered if this counts as a vegetable side dish. Potatos are somewhat gender ambiguous like that. Google research confirms that sweet potatoes are in fact members of the vegetable food group.

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  1. Hi,

    A friend of mine sent me this link - I'm just curious: is this a work of satire, or are you serious?

    Either way I think it's dumb but I'm curious which kind.