Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 37: Pizza Shenanigans

The day after the fast is all about eating the foods you couldn't eat the day before. That means that lunch today was pizza. I ordered a whole wheat pizza with light sauce from Circa and had it delivered to my office. The pizza came in a new box with an ad for Dasani water on it that says "The water that makes your mouth water". Doesn't that kind of sound like the water won't quench your thirst and that drinking water will just make your mouth water for more water? This would actually be a smart gimmick for water companies to increase sales, (kind of like adding nicotine) but it doesn't seem like a smart way to advertise. The pizza itself, inside the Dasani ad box, was tasty. But the personal pies from Circa seem smaller than they used to be. Has anyone else noticed this (or am I just going crazy from thinking about lunch too much)? I was still full at the end of the meal, but I felt a little cheated. Also, the slices were cut very unevenly, so that some took 4 bites to eat and others took closer to 10. I do not approve of such inequity.

Photo Credits: Marisa C

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  1. Everything is getting smaller (tuna cans used to be 6 oz, now they are 5, marshmallow fluff used to be 8 oz now it is 7.5. Its the way companies charge you more without you realizing. Its quite the scam. Or maybe I should just be dan them l'kaf zechus and think that they are just trying to solve the obesity problem in the US.