Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 34: Something for Everyone

Today I had lunch with my cartoonist friend, Steinberg. (Check out my new Steinberg original cartoon in the blog header!) We went to check out the recently improved J2. J2 used to be a standard pizza store but is now billing itself as a "Gourmet Marketplace". In addition to the regular pizza / salad options, they now have fresh fruit in the front and a buffet- like set up in the back, where you can take different dishes and then pay by the pound. This is awesome for indecisive people like me or commitment phobic people like Steinberg (just kidding). It is also great because it lets you pick exactly what you want to eat. For example, they had mixed roasted vegetables, which I usually avoid since I don't like roasted peppers or eggplant. In this situation though, I was able to pick out JUST the squash and zucchini and eat only that. I also was able to take the cheesiest part of the baked ziti, the exact size of grilled fish fillet that I wanted, exactly 3 pieces of cauliflower tempura, a scoop of grilled sweet potato and one perfect looking strawberry. This came out to about 1.2 lbs. Everything was really good, in a somewhat greasy cafeteria style food kind of way, but it was waaay too much food. Not that I didn't eat it all. Hours later, I am still stuffed. I will definitely be back.

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