Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 48: Lunch Special

I met my friends Deborah and Steinberg for a late lunch today. We met up at Kosher Delight. KD has lunch specials so Deb and I both ordered the burgers, fries and drink special. You basically get the drink for free, which doesn't really save me money because I never buy drinks at lunch, but I guess a free bottle of water is never a bad thing. Steinberg insisted on getting a double burger and onion rings, and he paid about twice as much as we did. He says its OK because he only eats out for lunch once a week and other days he just eats cheese. We sat down to eat, and Deborah informed us that a woman had just taken out and rinsed her teeth in the public sink. We ate anyway. I dumped lots of ketchup and BBQ sauce packets on my burger. It tasted exactly as expected - greasy and delicious. The fries were a bit less crunchy than I like them, but I stole one of Steinberg's onion rings (he owes me from the watermelon incident) and those were really good. The food overall was very good, but we all left a little bit hungry. Back at the office, I ate many many cherries and this kept me full enough through the rest of the day and an Ultimate Frisbee game in the rain before I ate dinner.


  1. Best deal at KD. Upping your free drink to a large for only a dime more.

  2. Good to know. Is that what you did when YOU had lunch at KD yesterday?