Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 58: Shorty Got Low

Today, I had a low key lunch of chunk light tuna (from a mini flip top can) and crackers (wheat flavored). I still can’t get the tuna:cracker ratio correct so I ended up needing a pack and a half of crackers again. Shrug. Not the biggest deal in the world to eat a couple of crackers by themselves without the tuna. I ran out of the office on a quick errand (to pick up this week’s People magazine with the Saved By The Bell reunion on the cover, for one thing) and stopped by one of the fruit carts to check out the selection. Prices seemed really high, so instead of paying 2.99 / lb for cherries, I decided to eat the orange I brought with me from home. I listened to my youtube random music playlist as I ate.

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