Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 49: There's a Bear! Where? Over there!

During my lunch break I ran out of the office on a quick errand. Upon exiting my building, I immediately noticed a giant bear running around the MSG plaza. In a blink of an eye, it was gone. I thought I might be hallucinating but then I found a man in a bear costume standing behind a pillar, gnawing on it with big plastic teeth. I continued on my way. Upon my return, I went to my desk and retrieved a small flip-top can of chunk light tuna from my purse. I was en route to the kitchen to drain the tuna when I realized I was still wearing my flip flops from my outing. This is not appropriate office attire. I decided to risk it and walked to the kitchen and back without seeing anyone important. At my desk, I opened a package of wheat flavored crackers and started scooping out the tuna with the crackers. I finished the first pack (about 5 - 6 crackers) but still had ¼ of the can of tuna left. So I had to open a second pack, even though I only needed about 2 more crackers, and then of course I ate the rest of the crackers anyway.


  1. did anyone ever actually call you on flip flops at work?

  2. Wait, what happened with the bear?! You can't just leave us hanging!