Monday, July 27, 2009

Day 54: Ask the Lunch Lady: Lunch at the Bar Exam?

My lunch today consisted of tuna fish, crackers and an orange. I would like to now turn to a new feature: Ask the Lunch Lady. Earlier today, I received the following email:


Dear Rebecca, I am taking the bar exam tomorrow (and Wednesday and Friday) and just don't know what to do for lunch (gasp!). Should I bring lunch and stuff it into the 1 gallon clear plastic bag they let you bring into the exam? Should I risk running out to J-2? What if it’s too hot, too cold or too rainy? Should I order in? How will they ever find me amongst the thousands of people taking the bar? I'm taking the bar in the Javits Center (~37th St. and 11th Ave). I am in quite a pickle, and so I turn to the expert. What would YOU do? - Ezra

Dear Ezra, First of all, good luck to you and all my other friends taking the bar this week. We can’t wait for your gchat statuses to be about something else. If it was me, I would bring lunch from home. J2 is far, and even if anyone will deliver to you, it can take up to an hour for food to arrive during the lunch rush, and you might miss your chance to eat. You do not want this extra stress in the middle of the exam. Supposedly there is kosher food in the Javits center – the website names “Eden Caterers for kosher dishes”, but I can’t vouch for its actual existence, Kosher standards or (dairy) food selection. I suggest bringing some sliced bread and tuna packets or cheese, or a small sandwich. You can fit a granola bar in that bag too. Good luck this week- my roommate will be there too! – Rebecca

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