Thursday, July 23, 2009

Day 50: Reader's Choice, Take Four

My readers had a definite opinion today, and 42% of you chose the Penne A La Vodka from Circa (beating out A Circa wrap / sandwich from Penn Station, Circa Pizza, and tuna with crackers). It’s a classic, a perennial favorite – I can see why it would win. I went to the Circa website to check if I could order it online (I couldn’t) and I noticed the return of the Sweet Potato Soup to the menu. This left me with a moral dilemma - do I get the soup which was once a favorite, or do I honor the promise I made to my readers to let them decide. I opted for both (that was easy). I called in my order and then waited an HOUR for it to arrive. I went for the soup first, because it’s obviously best hot. I was really curious to see if it would live up to its old standards or whether it would be more of the kugel batter gloop. I am happy to report that the soup was delicious! It has returned to its former glory and I can once again anoint it as my best lunch option ever. The bread that comes with it can be dipped in the soup as a great combination. Afterwards, I ate the pasta, and it was OK, but its taste paled in comparison to that of the soup. The sauce also seemed a little more oily than it usually is, but overall, a great dish. I hope Circa is paying attention.

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