Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 28: Heaven on Earth

A trip to Jersey last night left me with a most delicious lunch for today – a Chickies sandwich. Few loves can rival the love between me and my sandwich. Today I had half of an Ian Beatbox sandwich with Kumbaslow sauce and pickles. I requested whole wheat bread, but I think they accidentally gave me regular. Chickies, you are forgiven. There is just something about the honey bbq sauce on the batter fried chicken and the garlic mayo sauce on top (these descriptions may not be accurate; I am not really sure exactly what I am eating) – it is amazing incredible scrumptious-ness. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the easiest on my stomach. It’s a pretty heavy lunch. But that means it is also filling, and since it looks like between a volleyball game and a moving away karaoke party tonight I won’t be eating dinner until at least 10, this sandwich has a long way to travel. I trust that Chickies is up to the challenge.

Tomorrow is Reader’s Choice Day! Vote now (on the poll on the right side of the screen) for what I should eat for lunch tomorrow! Deadline is 10PM(ish) tonight when I will eat the losing choice for dinner.


  1. Lisa (Shor) GottliebWednesday, July 01, 2009

    Next time you're at Chickies, I highly recommend you get the Cap'n Munch with extra pickles. Heavenly.

  2. Thanks Lisa! I have actually enjoyed many a Cap'n Munch sandwich - see day 10 for one example.