Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 31: Freedom and Liberty

Our July 4th lunch table was festively adorned with our trip mascots, Freedom and Liberty. My fellow Americans and fellow vacationers, Mor, Lisa, Tsufit, Shlomo, Sol, Yair, Steinberg and I sat down to a festive traditional Shabbat meal. I ate breaded chicken cutlets, cous-sous with vegetables, sweet potato strips, grilled veges, chulent (traditional Jewish stew made with potatoes, meat, barley, onions and an array of spices), and potato kugel (which I mixed into the chulent - this is an amazing combination). I made Vodka Twerps for dessert but they were gross. Don't try it at home. The meltaway chocolate crumb cake, cantaloupe and malibu pineapples made for much tastier after-lunch treats. We spent the rest of the afternoon playing games and reading magazines that sound edible but arent.

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