Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 39: I'm On A Boat

About 6 miles down the Lehigh river, our trusty guides directed us to paddle our rafts over to the side bank. This might have been tricky for others, but with Scott the navigator at the rear of our boat, and Priscilla the fish floating behind us, we were able to safely maneuver over to the side. We were then informed that there was a rattle snake on the shore, so we quickly paddled a little further down the river before we docked our boat, Floaty. We joined our co-white water rafters, Team Flippy Floppies, for a lunch stop in the woods. My stomach was grumbling so I dug into my two tuna sandwiches on whole wheat mini challah rolls (always bring two sandwiches!), and the cherries I brought as a snack. The fruit had gotten a little smooshed in our sealed waterproof bucket full of food, but the sweet treat was a good energy booster as we set off to continue to navigate the (not so) wild rapids of the river.


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