Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 40: New Kosher Restaurant Alert!

After making several requests, the manager of Circa assured me that my favorite Circa soup, Sweet Potato, would be on the menu today. I eagerly checked the website this morning – and there it was! I made plans to meet my friend Emily to sit outside in Herald Square after I picked up my soup. I went to Circa and when the manager saw me, he came over to join me at the soup section. The man behind the counter poured us each a sample so we could taste it. Circa got a new soup chef from some fancy restaurant, so the recipes are different. The manager and I agreed that while the soup was tasty, it had a bit of a kick from the pepper and could use a bit of extra seasoning. The manager had them add extra cinnamon to my soup before giving me my order. He also called over one of the owners of Circa, who told me that he has read my blog (and is happy that I eat at Circa more than I eat at Rosas). He also told me that Circa is opening up a new downtown location at 111 Fulton Street (near Dutch ST)! He said that it will be smaller but have almost the same selection as they have at the Circa in midtown. Big news for all of my readers downtown! I then went to meet Emily and eat my long awaited soup. It wasn’t bad, but it really is not as good as the old sweet potato soup. This one was thinner and more gloopy. And by the time I got to the bottom, it had settled a bit. At the end, Emily compared the consistency to slime. To me, it felt like eating raw kugel batter. I recommend eating it quickly while it is still hot and looser, and tastier.


  1. The store at 111 Fulton was supposed to open in April. If the Circa management is reading this, can you explain what caused the delay and when the new expected opening date is?

  2. From

    Circa-NY To Open New Location

    Kosher-NY has confirmed that Circa-NY will be opening another location in addition to their midtown location. The new location will be located at 111 Fulton Street, between William Street and Dutch Street and should be up and running by September 1st.

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