Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 45: Chulent

Shabbat (Saturday) lunch was another pot luck meal with about 10 friends. Lisa and Deb made yummy chicken and asparagus, which Avi Z spilled all over the floor, and Shlomo spilled all over his pants (the pre-meal l’chaims may have contributed to that). Scott made turkey ravioli which was new and different, and pretty tasty. I made a pumpkin kupiegel, which is a kugel in a pie crust. The graham crust really adds to the sweet pumpkin flavor. I picked the croutons and avocado out of Becca’s salad. I also ate sesame noodles, deli roll, and cauliflower. For dessert, in honor of Sho’s birthday we had Deena Cake , which was De-licious. I wanted some watermelon but there was only one small piece left, and when I asked Steinberg to pass it to me, he ate it. There was no chulent.


  1. This wasn't much a food review. It sounds more like an uninteresting scene from a Neil Simon play. The watermelon represents your dreams.

  2. That was pretty mean of Steinberg. And this is the guy we trust to teach the youth of America?!

  3. Mean is relative.