Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 36: Cravings

Today is a Day of Mourning on the Jewish calendar and therefore I am abstaining from food. This means that I am very hungry. During my lunch break, I distracted myself by doing some quick shopping. It is really convenient that my office is right next to so many stores, so I can very easily run over to Old Navy or H&M. But shopping did not make me any less hungry. And when I walked back to my office I smelled the sweet aroma of fresh baked pizza wafting down 33rd street. And now all I can think about is pizza. Bubbling hot cheesy delicious pizza.


  1. I don't think shopping is particularly appropriate for a day of morning either.

  2. Pizza's aroma isn't sweet.

    I'm just gonna be honest here: you need to do something with this... say something real... interpret your lunch choices... say something not totally obvious... something! Right now it's nothing but an exercise in offensively oblivious narcissism.

  3. Wow! "offensively oblivious narcissism." You must have been an English major.

    But seriously, the only thing offensive about this blog is that background green color. You moron.

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    You spelled mourning wrong. And my name is Shlomo, whats yours?

  5. wow, that's a lot of anonymousai

  6. im a friend of the blogger and i have to agree. this is the most ridiculous exercise in narcissism ive seen in quite a while.

    in other words, in response to every single post i have bothered to read: who cares?

  7. Hey Anonymous (not you Steinberg),

    You know what they say about people who always come back for more...certainly not "who cares".

    Seems like you enjoy reading it more than you think.

  8. Long time reader - first time poster.


    Just wanted to let you know - i always enjoy your blog and think you shouldnt change a thing. Its informative and entertaining.

    Dov. H

  9. Its brilliance lies in its stupidity. Keep posting.

  10. I think that whoever drew that cartoon of Rebecca should get a book deal. It shows a certain sophistication of the illustrator, as well as down right creative genius.

    That's what keeps ME coming back for more.

  11. Hello Rebecca! My name Tieb! I now aged 11 years. I live in Ethiopia. After my father die white man plague of AIDS, I steal money and go to internet shop to look at pictures of food on the magic bright box! It help me feel like belly full of food because I can not eat tears or the flies that eat the eyes! Your website make me confused about humanity (I just lerned that that word. Maybey you know it? I do not think so). You have so much and feel so good about yourself. Lucky you! Tell me more what it like to have full belly! MEanwhile I hope to get clean drink wahter. Tell me what is the H &M ? Is that like the malaria that ravage my cousins? Please remember me after I die.

  12. Tieb:

    I <3<3<3 Ethipopia! Ethiopia is sooo awesome! I went last year, and had the best brazed Zebra. It had been marinated in this nutty sauce (not sure what the nuts were), and was served with an indian fusion risotto dish which our somalier matched to our wine with utter perfection.

    My family are all going to fly back in December... just for that nut marinade!

    Gawd I love your country.

  13. Maybe WRA can start a campaign to buy Tieb his own laptop. We can call it One Laptop per Tieb. Added benefit- proving WRA is NOT narcissistic.

  14. I hear laptop is delicious when marinated in nut sauce.

  15. Dear Rebecca,
    My name is Mnogbe Bantutu III of Nigeria. My late father, Prince Jimbabo Bantutu II has left me a considerable sum which I wish to invest in various restaurants. Given your obvious culinary expertise I would like to immediately retain your services for the sum of 200,000$/yr plus expenses. In order to deposit the money into your account please send me your social security number as well as the account number you wish me to deposit the money into. I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Mnogbe Bantutu III